Alexandre De Poplavsky


Alexandre De Poplavsky is a French artist, dreamer and inventor who believe in the power of objects and their symbolic. Usually signed AVDP on his paintings he works between London and Paris. His black and white pattern, which he applies to different artistic mediums such as bodies, sculptures, canvas and even objects of all sorts, is becoming a language everyone seems to be seduced by.  In fact, after having collaborated with many artists and being exposed in numerous galleries in Europe, his notoriety is growing at a fast-speed rate. This young and very charming gentleman might just be the next big thing that hits the art industry [read more…]


Lets talk about visual impact, how important is presentation?

Presentation these days is everything. It’s what makes the sell. It is a key factor for sustaining  production. The first impression is pivotal for captivating a client’s interest. It’s like when you meet someone for the first time, you know whether this person would be your friend or not in the first few minutes, because this person resembles you – you see a part of yourself within him or her. No words are requires. My point is, people don’t have the time to analyze art, we live in world that is moving and evolving faster than ever. If you want to captivate someone at first sight, the first visual impression you make has to be impactful. Good presentation is essential for an artist to be successful!

What message do you want people to understand from your art?

The first “real” painting I sold was a reminder that I must always work hard. See, talent is something that you may be born with, but it will never grow and develop without hard work.  Early on in my life I recognized a pattern: the earlier you start to work hard, the more exponential your development will be. I knew that I had to find the course on which I want to take my life. Indeed, this is really difficult. We are exposed to so much information and faced with so many possibilities to do what we want, but that is the question: in this world, saturated with possibilities, what is it exactly that we want?  In my path to define this I made a choice to transition this pattern into my art. That is why my art’s signature is really life’s signature – an intricate maze with possibilities at each turn. It represents the ability to find your way in life that works best for you!

Black or White?


As a freelancer/a self-employed artists, how do you stay motivate and productive?

I think the point is not how but why. Creativity is a necessity for me. If I stop creating I feel useless and I am always left with the feeling that I am wasting my time. When I create a painting or a sculpture I feel alive, I feel super good and I need nothing more.

I relate this to love, when you love someone you don’t need anything, just this person, no matter where you are, no matter what you have. It’s a kind of drugs I suppose.

How do you like to spend your time?

I also love spending my time with cleverness. Time is something so precious and sometime I feel that people forget the value of it.

Working with galleries, having clients who call me to see my new creations, and who believe in me makes me fell responsible. Responsible not to disappoint them, to show them that “Okay, I’m young but you can trust me.”

What drives your passion?

My imagination. Art is my emergency exit of this world; I create my own way to go to the top of the pyramid, to succeed, without following the rules.