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Walton Fine Arts are Bambi Artist’s exclusive global agents for all original art!

Bambi is a British street artist that has presented numerous works throughout the city of London. Keeping her identity anonymous, she portrays current culture through her unique style, and has received wide recognition for her public murals of such figures as Prince William and Kate Middleton, and a full portrait of Amy Winehouse that is now protected by plastic. Inspired by a cross of artists including Bansky, Bambi addresses controversial subject matter that is accessible to a range of viewers. Bambi describes her work as, “I let my work speak for itself. But dreams can inspire me and I am particularly interested in people who spread love and joy…” Bambi studied at St. Martin’s Art College and she continues to live and work in London. Portrayed by some already as ‘the female Banksy!’ The up-n-coming artist known as Bambi, has set off to a great start in the commercial Urban art market.  Producing Hand-cut, hand-sprayed, hand-papered original one offs as editioned works, as apposed to editioned ‘prints’, such as those made by artists normally. In addition to editioned original works, Bambi produces one-off originals on mediums such as metal & canvas. Walton Fine Arts is the sole, global agent and representative of  Bambi UK street artist’s original art.  All original works by Bambi originate from Walton Fine Arts.  Works will be seen to come and go, in a rather incognito manor.  Rather like Bambi’s credentials which remain unknown.

For inquiries about Bambi please write to:

By popular demand – Bambi originals available currently from £4,000 and upwards

Bambi Art Gallery

Bambi, the urban artists latest street works include the following: Bambi - Diamonds are forever - Street piece


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Street piece

A beautiful tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – 60 years of reign.

  Hero to zero street piece I   From Hero to Zero street piece II   From Hero to Zero - Primorose Hill London NW2 Depicting the true story of an Afhghan war veteran… Make Tea not war Make tea not war in Belsize village NW3 On the shutters of Bell Street’s well- known Loretta’s Coffeehouse – spreading the message The simple message from this anonymous artist.   Bambi Baby   The baby from Top fashions accessory 2011′   ”Unredeemed Pledge” (ie. Uncollected goods), and one off Essex Road with slogan “Top Fashion Accessory” – which is your favourite?

Ai wei wei street art London

Ai wei wei street art London

The words “You can ”Cage theSinger, but Not the Song” fly from an ancestral pot, and the red line could possibly be the Chinese Law, ie,“Stepping over the line.” Followed by a further slogan to free Ai Wei Wei……… Just days after the execution of this great street piece, Ai Weiwei is released!!!!!   A Bit Like Marmite - Street piece A Bit Like Marmite - Street Mural was made on The Royal Couple’s Wedding day to commemorate this Historic occassion.  This work is In Islington on the corner of Liverpool Road N1.   Amy Street Peace - A tribute to the legendary Amy Winehouse excecuted in Camden.     I wish - for a white Xmas an end to world hunger poverty animal cruelty and a set of Little Mix dolls  Bambi — at Cross Street Shillingford Street off Upper Street N1 Highbury and Islington.   Amy 2012 Street Piece Amy 2012 Street Piece - After the defamation of the original Amy by an unknown source, Amy gets a fresh 2012 look!   Pickering St, just off Essex Rd. You walk into your local cafe, and pass this on your route…. reminding you that mudanity meets extraordinary sometimes, and that there is more to life than cigarettes, tea, and that full-English breakfast you’ve been craving….. “I believe in Angels!”   ‘You lift my spirits’  Made for the London 2012 Olympics, shows how team GB has shone the path to greatness.   Bambi Ball Dog Street piece ‘Ball Dog’ Bambi street piece for Wimbledon and Olympics Wimbledon 2012.  Great British Bull Dog is king! Rude-Pope-Bambi-NW5   ‘Rude Pope’ Bambi street piece in Rochester Place, London NW5 Bambi quoted as saying: ‘A night in the cells goes with the territory.  It’s going to happen.  The best policy is to be polite to the police: a cup of tea and a blanket goes a long way on a cold winters night’

‘This Can’t Happen’  Bambi Street Artist’s street piece depicting the North Korean Leader tyrant Kim Jong-Un on the brink of a Nuclear War!

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