“You’ve heard of Banksy, but have you heard of Bambi?
Not the Bambi of Disney fame, but the one dubbed street art’s new star.  The so-called ‘female Banksy’ counts A-list celebrities like Kanye West and Brad Pitt as buyers of her stencilled street art.   Like Banksy,  her works command price tags that run into the tens of thousands of dollars.”  [read the full article…]

“Just who is Bambi? The graffiti star was dubbed “the female Banksy” when she gained more widespread public attention in 2011 with the appearance of her striking image of the late Amy Winehouse on a Camden Town doorway. Like her male counterpart, she keeps her identity secret. And now, just like the renowned Bristol artist, her work costs tens of thousands of pounds: [..] today she is commissioned by international A-list entertainers, including Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.”
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“In the world of street art, Bambi has it all: critical acclaim, celebrity clients ranging from Brad Pitt to Adele, and a stencil of Amy Winehouse on the street in Camden that’s considered to be so culturally important, it is now preserved under a fine layer of plastic. She has achieved this by projecting a distinctly female voice into the male-dominated world of urban etchings.” 
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“Once in a while, refreshing artists like Bambi give me faith in art again and act as a reassuring reminder that art is a thinking man’s activity, and is not simply reserved for the ever-growing horde of easily-entranced, amateur art experts. [..] The immediate similarities with Banksy are obvious – not least of all her collection of celebrity fans that includes Rihanna, Robbie Williams, Adele and Brad Pitt – but while Britain’s street art King is all caustic wit, Bambi’s message is often more subtle and hopeful.”  [read the full article…]



“In an exclusive UK interview with Grazia, the notoriously elusive London based graffiti artist dubbed ‘the female Banksy’ reveals her secret past and what inspires her: ’The images come to me when I’m dreaming…’. Rather than reference other female graffiti artists such as Miss Van and Mishfit, her artistic inspirations encompass ‘Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon’, suggesting a meeting of pop-trash culture and Albionic classicism. ‘Art is the pulse of life,’ she adds. It’s unlikely, though, that she’ll indulge in a turf war with the notoriously competitive Banksy [..] When asked how she felt about the legendary spray painter, she quipped, ‘Who’s he?’. Clearly, the future’s all hers.”  [read the full article…]





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