C.A.T. (Chaos and Thread)


Throughout her life,  C.A.T. has been creating and exploring her artistic side.  From illustration, design, abstract painting, and stitching  she demonstrates the exploration of a variety of mediums and processes. Her love for fine art has always been the constant in her life.
C.A.T. formalised her artistic practice at Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design achieving high merit in her undergraduate Certificate in Foundation and Certificate of Arts and Design.
Her background was based in illustration, however she has now evolved her practice into abstraction driving her need for self-expression and  the investigation of her surrounds. CA.T.  creates out of her studio in Auckland, New Zealand.
Apart from creating artistic expressions, C.A.T enjoys spending time with her family, embracing the various seasons – that often arrive all in one day in New Zealand,  reading, walking and meditating.  Music also plays an important part in her creative process, evoking moods and emotions while developing work in her studio.  She enjoys an eclectic range of music that changes depending on the development of her artwork and the direction it is going.


C.A.T. is interested in visually exploring the inner rooms of our mind that hold our darkest meditations – bound and locked away – eternally protected. The social condition that dictates we only reveal what is deemed acceptable by society’s unspoken dictum is cross-examined and questioned.

The need for a breathing space and freedom amongst the chaos of life is another theme visually depicted in C.A.T.’s work.​​ The concept that shadow energies exist internally and provide a natural contrast between darkness and light also influence C.A.T.

Investigations into unlocking the hidden parts of oneself and exploring how to communicate these visually leds C.A.T. on a personal journey to understand the essence of self.


Appealing to both the need for limitless spontaneity coupled with the need for some semblance of order, C.A.T.’s process is her enabler to freedom. The unimpeded self and the esoteric self are represented by loose and free paintwork controlled by mediative threadwork. A feeling of safety and security is mentally felt as areas of paintwork are covered and/or boxed in by thread. The unimpeded is left exposed and the esoteric hidden away.

As a process driven artist, C.A.T. enjoys experimenting with a combination of paint, ink and thread. Through the use of these mediums her paintwork embodies a fabric like quality, often removing paint from one surface and stitching it onto another.

Living close to the sea has influenced her colour palette and you will often find a range of blues in her work interspursed with bright colours.
Work is either floating in a solid background of colour or anchored by watery images of the female form, barely distinguishable but adding an essence of the artists feminine self.