Daniela Duca





Daniela Duca was born in Moldova, where she lived and studied until 2003, at which point she moved to Italy to attend United World College.  Her passion for art started at an early age, while experiencing the changes in colors and style with the fall of the Soviet Union. Daniela first became active in painting and drawing in 2005 when she moved to the US for university. Although she studied biochemistry and economics, she spent her summers at the university’s arts centre.

Daniela moved to London in 2009 to continue her studies in economics and then embarked the corporate career path. She quit her corporate job in 2014 and started working for a charity, which revived her creative side. This, in turn, allowed her to rediscover immense pleasure and relaxation in painting, an activity that soon developed into a passionate calling. Daniela continues to learn and experiment with acrylics, paste and charcoal. Being a fan of hot and sunny weather, which is rare in London, she uses mostly bright colors to transform a blank canvas into abstract images inspired by everyday experiences.