– Can I buy art if I can’t physically visit your gallery?

Of course. You can browse artworks on our website narrowing down the artist/s you or the particular artwork you like. If you’d like recommendations: let us know your requirements in size, subject, budget and period.

– Do you ship?
Yes we use fine art shippers, who fine art pack, crate, door to door deliver globally with possibility to insure.

– Do works come framed?
We do use fine art museum standards framing, which most works come with.

– Can you help us with hanging our artwork/s?
We can help recommend the right people for this who have great experience.

– Do you sell prints or originals?
We deal in both signed limited edition prints and originals in the for, of works on paper, canvas, metal, sculptures etc…

– What is a print? Is this just a copy/reproduction?
A ‘print’, as the term is called in the art world, is a means of an artist producing an edition of works with a similar/same image and allow a wider range of collectors to buy their works. This is not a photocopy or a reproduction, these are various forms: lithograph, etching, aquatint, linocut, screen print etc… These involve extensive and time consuming work produced by the artist and issued as limited edition and signed works of art.

– What if I need advice on what to buy or where an artwork should best hang?
You can either email us or come in and we can help advise you on these issues.

– What is the difference between buying from a reputable, long established, physically gallery like Walton Fine Arts, or just from a new online gallery?
Well all the things that go hand in hand with assurance in the quality, condition, authenticity, quality museum standards framing, assured from A to Z quality and care free fine arts global shipping are the main points of difference.