Rex Chouk

RexChouk, is a NYC based Arab artist who seeks to create a relationship between the traditional narratives, pop culture, and symbols through his work that is energetic, relatable and playful.

RexChouk’s approach to art is influenced by symbolism unique to his experiences: a character with skeleton features is a self-portrait of the artist, hiding behind the “mask” of a skull. The images seen in the artist’s painting live in a fictionalized version of his world called RXC. As RexChouk’s own version of Batman’s Gotham, RXC represents a hyper-millennial iteration of urban environments.

RexChouk presents content from his experiences, immediate external surroundings, and consumer-culture. Arabic and English text featured in many paintings, floating like tags seen in street art, includes hiphop lyrics, short mantras, poetry and even hashtags.

For more of RexChouk’s work, check out @butwhyproductions on Instagram.