Former graffiti writer T.C was born in West London England in 1971. His works look to deconstruct our preconceived ideas and generalisations by challenging the traditional landscape visually with a lyrical undercurrent that lay hidden between the lines on closer examination.

He received his first commission working as an illustrator in the mid 1980’s at sixteen years old for London’s iconic fashion label BOY LONDON. During this time T.C was writing and documenting the emerging graffiti movement in West London.

Working within construction for over twenty years specialising in interior finishes and as a photographer for eight T.C’s approach to each of his works are made up by interweaving multiple layers of carefully chosen materials, adding and subtracting sections whilst keeping the subject’s line unbroken.

T.C explains “Every surface has to live with the previous and next one. A multi levelled personality is what I’m looking for in the work. Every type of mood is welcomed when I’m putting the pieces together, without this, the freedom to speak is lost within it. I’ve never considered myself to be an artist, I consider myself someone who embraces and respects the skill of craftsmanship”.

T.C has exhibited in Amsterdam and in London where he lives and works.

Visit T.C‘s website for a larger selection and more info.