13-­29 NOVEMBER 2014

If you walked down Walton Street recently, you may have noticed two gorgeous murals “Mickey Mouse” and “Nightrider” outside our gallery, which were made by Robert Hilmersson.

We are now pleased to announce that his solo show which will take place at  Walton Fine Arts from the 13th to the 29th of November.

Featuring a stunning selection of brand new original artworks and prints, the show will be open on:

Monday to Friday 10:30-17:30
Saturday:                 11:00-17:30
About the artist:

“A colorful, symbolic artist with humorous elements” as defined by the Swedish national press, Robert Hilmersson has exhibited his artworks in London, New York, Las Vegas, Stockholm, Budapest, Seattle and Gothenburg.
His works sold to celebrity collectors such as legendary 80’s pop singer Adam Ant of ‘Adam & the Ants’ fame, Swedish business magnate Hans Wallenstam, Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg, internationally renowned antique specialist Björn Gremner, members of the Sainsbury family and at world famous auction house Sotheby’s.

Hilmersson refers to Pop Art, Andy Warhol, but also to Banksy and the Street Art Culture as a source of inspiration. His work is a juxtaposition of different elements and subjects, colours, cityscapes, graphic design, typography and texture all have an important role in his work.

His art is a perfect fusion of Pop and Street Art, fully employing the strengths of both techniques and flawlessly crafted.

Robert Hilmersson lives and works in Sweden.