First the Gangnam-style video, then Ai Weiwei the Chinese art guru is seen mixing with the likes of Sir. Elton John. It was literally written in stone that Ai Weiwei would break in to the world of music. Great choice in taking heavy metal though, rather controversial in itself.

The outspoken Chinese artist is releasing an album of metal-tinged songs, with music by the rock musician Zuoxiao Zuzhou – a friend who was briefly questioned during Ai’s 2011 detention.

“I really loved it. I had to make so much effort; I have never known music before. I’m really very passionate,” said Ai, who wrote the lyrics and sings.

Ai Weiwei and Sir. Elton John

The artist said his interest in music was piqued during his 81-day disappearance, which supporters said was state retaliation for his activism. Officials accused the company handling his affairs of evading taxes – later hitting him with a £1.5m tax bill – and said his case was unrelated to human rights.

Bambi street artist made a street art stencil on Ai Weiwei, more than a year ago. During time which Ai Wei Wei was spending his time in prison. Literally days later he was released. Some say this rather powerful street art piece, depicting the freedom of speech of Chinese people being muffled, played a great role in this release. And from then Bambi started to be taken seriously by art collectors.

Bambi - Ai Weiwei street piece

Bambi – Ai Weiwei street piece

The words “You can ”Cage theSinger, but Not the Song” fly from an ancestral pot, and the red line could possibly be the Chinese Law, ie,“Stepping over the line.”

Followed by a further slogan to free Ai Wei Wei………