Ana Maria Restrepo is a passionate and determined Textile Designer; an ambitious, confident person with a strong, creative and entrepreneurial spirit. She is a dreamer. London is the place where she has been honing her creativity, grabbing inspiration not only from her Latin American upbringing culture but also from the ones she has had the chance to get in touch with in such a cosmopolitan city.

She is a Textile Design graduate from the prestigious London College of Fashion with a specialization in embroidery techniques; a colour fanatic, who uses art and texture to express who she is, narrate stories and evoke feelings and sensations. Finding beauty in everything that surrounds her and with curiosity turning every single detail into a source of inspiration is her passion.

Ana Maria’s art is known for its dynamism and colour inspired by her Colombian roots; it embodies elements from ethnic cultures, nature and surreal stories making her make pieces a magical realistic narration. Her illustrations and all textile practices are mixed media that explore old and new techniques as her vehicle for translating inner vision into outer reality.