By Jimmy McCloskey /

POP star Harry Styles is building his own art gallery to house his lavish collection. The One Direction hunk, 21, wants to display the horde of masterpieces at his home. The collection of paintings and gun sculptures is said to include an Andy Warhol-style Kate Moss painting. It also features a canvas of model Cara Delevingne. The singer plans to create the gallery at his £3million home in London’s posh Hampstead.
And he wants his favourite street artist Bambi – the mysterious female version of Banksy – to paint a mural on one of the walls.
A source close to Harry said: “He wants Bambi or Banksy to paint frescoes along one of the walls.”

“An entire wall painted by Bambi would run into a five-figure sum, but that wouldn’t faze Harry – and he knows how precious art is as an investment.”

“The problem is that Bambi or Banksy won’t reveal their identities to anyone, and going to Harry’s house in person would compromise everything for Bambi.”

Last year the floppy-haired singer shelled out £20,000 on a series of raunchy art prints.

They were emblazoned with sayings, including: “I will love you until the cold runs hot.”

Harry Styles