With hundreds of auctions coming up over the next couple of months in more than 50 major global cities featuring dozens of blue chip artists such as Picasso, Warhol, Banksy to name a few.  It is highly unlikely that they will reach upper limits or all time highs, as a matter of fact we would be lucky to see half of them between unsold and just scrape a sale. We have seen times like this when economic global turmoil creates weakness in high end collectors market. Many people will be happy to hear news of markets falling as this means their mortgages will not go up for many more months to come.


However all is not lost it is times like these that there are great potential opportunities of finding an emerging artist of the future.
As a matter of fact artists such as the great Francis Bacon made it during troubled times as did our very own Bambi, who started her trail towards her great success during the last round of the Great Recession of 2008. At Walton we see hundreds of artists every month, fine picking one out of every couple of hundred which we feel have that special global je ne sais quoi…


This year’s hot artists who are showing great signs are Van Donna and E$COBAR….
Each from LTD edition signed prints from £49 up and originals from £1500 they make great for great potential opportunities to starting that new collection as well as adding to the exiting diversified selection.With pieces from as little as £49 this means that you can even buy one and currently have it delivered anywhere in the world as a gift for any occasion adding to your favourite person’s art collection.Check out the Online Shop or let us know how we can help you further!