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We hope you are all healthy and staying safe at home. 

Whilst on lock-down, we can use our home time to take care of ourselves and our homes:

1. DECORATE – many of our customers are generally so busy with their work that they hardly have time to fill up their walls. Now, with more time on our hands we can all concentrate on making our home the most inspiring and beautiful place.

Van Donna’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ elegantly compliments sophisticated interiors

2. HEALING – we can indulge in regenerating activities, to take our mind body and soul to a better place. Art can help, as being surrounded by color and beauty can help lifting your spirit on a daily basis. Over the last few weeks we have seen an increased demand for artworks as people get creative with decor solutions for their space from the safety of their homes.

Billy The Kid’s ‘Flying Colours’ (above) and a selection of 3 ‘Moods’ by Van Donna (below) have soothing revitalizing effect on the mind and soul and add a layer of peaceful inspiration to every space

3. INVEST – blue chip art can be a huge financial commitment, but buying from emerging artists is risk free and fun! Whilst original paintings might be the real deal for some, don’t forget that prints are highly collectible items, and can command mad prices (see Banksy as a classic example!).

We will do our best to keep fulfilling all online orders to help you get the artworks you want.

You have the space: we have the art!

Frieze Cancels New York Art Fair Amid Coronavirus Concerns

The move follows other art fair changes, like the cancellation of Art Basel Hong Kong and the early closing of Tefaf Maastricht.

Frieze New York has been canceled “in light of global health concerns regarding COVID-19,” Frieze said on Wednesday.

The art fair was to take place May 7-10 at Randalls Island Park, with 200 participating galleries and a special focus on artists of Latin descent and the Chicago artist community.

The decision follows the cancellations and postponements of various international art fairs amid the coronavirus pandemic. Art Basel Hong Kong was canceled, and has an online viewing room; Tefaf Maastricht in the Netherlands closed early; and Art Cologne has been moved to November.

In a joint statement, Victoria Siddall, the global director of Frieze Fairs, and Loring Randolph, Frieze New York’s director, cited advice and restrictions from the health authorities as the reason for the cancellation.

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HER – Everything Female in Art

Celebrating Women Artists and Women in Art

Women have been enormously important in art’s history. Think about the most famous paintings in history, what comes to mind?


Leonardo’s ‘Mona Lisa’, Botticelli’s ‘The Birth of Venus’ and ‘Spring’, all the thousands of Nativities/Mary with baby Jesus, Delacroix’s ‘Liberty Leading the People’, Picasso’s ‘Dora Maar’s Portrait’ and ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’ , Andy Warhol’s ‘Marylin’, Vermeer’s Girl With a Pearl Earring’, Goya’s ‘La Maya Desnuda’…

Equally important to the role of muses in art is women’s contribution to art as artists themselves, a role that has been widely overshadowed by male painters and has been historically discouraged by social rules and costumes.

With the exception of popular names as Frieda Khalo and a bunch more there are way less women artists as widely recognized as say a ‘Leonardo’ a ‘Picasso’ or a ‘Van Gogh’.

But as our society evolves to a more gender fair one, we can expect that to drastically change, and the process has already started. So we can foresee the future classics to be much more fairly spread between genders.

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Tired of the same old tricks? Looking for a cool original gift? Art can do it for you!

Art is a collectible, cool and durable gift.

And it definitely has the wow factor theat perhaps the same old flower bunch/chocolate box/bottle of wine/ (you name them…) are simply lacking…

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wine, chocolate, flowers and even the odd scented candle, but they don’t show a lot of thought, they’re just a a safe if stereoptyped kind of present.

There are times when they are perfectly acceptable, but sometimes you want to put in a little extra effort, to show you care, and why not? Choosing gifts is a chore but also a pleasure, if you get it right…

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‘Hip, rebellious, even a bit sinister’: how Andy Warhol made pop art fashion

As the Tate Modern prepares to open its new exhibition, a menswear expert – and Warhol superfan – explains why the artist continues to impact on personal style

“Artists aren’t supposed to dress up and I’ll never look right anyway,” Andy Warhol utters in Bob Colacello’s fantastic biographical Holy Terror book. It’s ironic, given that when anyone talks about men having a sartorial uniform, I always think of Warhol. Specifically, the blazer, shirt, tie and jeans era. He often also had a plastic carrier bag in hand, with copies of his magazine Interview inside to give out to potential advertisers. Warhol was never not working. He was his art.

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Banksy says he is ‘glad’ his latest work has been vandalised

Art depicting a little girl firing a slingshot appeared on a Bristol wall on 13 February

Banksy has said that he is “glad” his latest artwork has been vandalised, suggesting that his original sketches for the design were better.

The new work by the enigmatic artist appeared on the side of a building in the Barton Hill area of Bristol earlier this month (13 February).

It depicts a young girl firing a slingshot into the sky, creating a red firework-style explosion.

The mural only lasted 48 hours, however, before it was defaced with graffiti reading “BCC W***ERS”. The message is believed to refer to Bristol City Council.

Is street art still considered “vandalism”? In the picture a classic Greek style bust “vandalised” by graffiti artist Billy The Kid.

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Exclusive: Q & A with Van Donna

Exclusive: Q & A with Van Donna

Van Donna’s “All You Need Is Love” at the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg (Russia)

We are pleased to hear from artist Van Donna as 2020 unfolds. We asked her 10 questions, here’s what she has to say…

How has your 2020 started?

Very quietly, I have been spending some real quality time with my family in the beautiful English countryside, horse riding and taking long walks with my dogs. I am only now starting to get back in the swing of things with a few commissions and a new print release called “Kaleidoscope” I am really fond of, as it represents a new direction for me, more mature if you will.

Van Donna’s new print release “Kaleidoscope” in situ

How was 2019 for you?

It has been a challenging year on the personal level… there has been a lot of work, tight deadlines with my gallery in London so I have been struggling a bit to keep the pace. On top of it a lot has been going on in the UK and on a global level that obviously concerned me quite a bit – I hope the New Year will bring more stability and a bit more positivity. Perhaps we should all leave the hedonistic turn that our society has taken and take care of each other a little bit more.

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Diversify Your Assets – Enjoy Your Art – Pursue Passion Investment

In a moment of great economical turmoil and political uncertainty many collectors are investing heavily in art while at the same time selling property and making plans for survival.

  • Art has proven to be the most solid form of investment by reliable sources such as the Wall Street Journal, outstripping every other type of asset.
  • Diversify Your Assets – Nobody likes to put the proverbial eggs all in one basket. Passion investment is fun and uplifting as well as valuable.
  • Enjoy Your Art – You have something physical to hold on to which at the same time add to your lifestyle, status and décor.
  • Art is a portable asset which can be moved with ease.


More and more investors are looking at the art market (and other collectables) as an alternative to traditional investment assets. At the same time, numerous academic studies have tried to ascertain the returns for art over the years. Perhaps though, a key part of the investment return is that part that cannot be measured – in this case, the enjoyment one gets from collecting and owning art.” (INVESTEC)

HARD TIMES CREATE GREAT ARTISTS However all is not lost it is times like these that there are great potential opportunities of finding an emerging artist of the future. As a matter of fact artists such as the great Francis Bacon made it during troubled times as did our very own Bambi, who started her trail towards her great success during the last round of the Great Recession of 2008.

At WFA our team of specialists see hundreds of artist submissions every month, picking one out of hundreds which they feel have a great collectible potential as well as outstanding artistic value.

” Some of the best investments today are to be found not in stocks, property or even gold, but in works of art, with some 40% of art collectors working in the asset management industry.” (INTERNATIONAL INVESTMENT)

Art collectors are either buying works by big blue chip artists such as Warhol, Picasso, Bacon or Banksy. Or they are looking for the next big thing among hot upcoming artist.

Let’s not forget that early Banksy prints originally released for £100 or less are now worth tens or hundreds of thousands!

So if you don’t want to (or can’t afford to) invest in the blue chip market, emerging artists offer an exciting affordable opportunity.

As well as now household names such as Bambi, Van Donna and we’ve seen new artist Billy The Kid steadily on the rise.
Each artist offers buying options from limited edition signed prints from £199 up and originals from under £1,000, making  for great potential opportunities to start a new collection as well as adding to an existing diversified selection.

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