Bambi – Diamonds are a girls best friend

Bambi, an anonymous London street artist in her early 30s, hailed by many as the female Banksy, has taken the Jubilee’s pomp and ceremony to a gritty suburban London street with a piece of graffiti she secretly painted two weeks ago. It has the tagline, ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,’ and depicts a young Queen Elizabeth II on the throne as the Queen of Diamonds.

Perhaps improbably for an edgy, urban street artist, Bambi—her street name derives from her father calling her “Bambino” as a child—suggests she is an ardent monarchist: “Obviously everybody’s going to have street parties, so I really wanted to do something for the Queen on the street, and I actually quite like the Queen, the royal family and all that. They are part of our culture; they represent us. Buckingham Palace is fantastic.”


Bambi Diamonds are a girls best friend

Bambi ‘Diamonds are a girls best friend’ street piece







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