(Google-translated from Greek)

The identity of the very popular street artist employs this time the art “establishment” of the British capital.

Nobody knows the real name unless -presumably- by gallerist and her lawyer, maybe some of the rich and famous clients. But the rumors regarding the identity of the very popular Bambi rages: Supposedly known singer, having studied at the prestigious Central St Martin’s School of Art, which is the evening wandering in London with sprays of transforming the exteriors of buildings and playing hide and seek with police. This description corresponds to those skilled in the MIA and Paloma Faith -amfoteres attended courses at Central St Martin’s School of Art- but fans of Adele and Jerry Halliwell argue that the fine and they have the qualifications to be Bambi.
But what is the Bambi; Or -to we akriveis- why the identity of our concern? The Bambi is therefore still a street artist who made ​​the leap from “low” to “high”, what if this means. After a long (?) Detached age remains mystirio- wandering the streets of the British capital, the Bambi 2011 caused the people’s interest filotechnontas portrait of Amy Winehouse in Camden to a door. Since then, her works are hosted in collections known personalities in show biz as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, the Rihanna, Robbie Williams and many others. Even Kanye West, known for its delicate taste, the artist commissioned a portrait of his beloved half-naked, Kim Kardashian, on the occasion of their marriage.
The result of all this is that the display works of Bambi, thence employing only the cleaning services of municipalities, have been sought after and prices have skyrocketed -60 000 pounds is said to have cost a wedding portrait of the Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh Brad Pitt who ordered it. Because -to do not xechaso- the Bambi longer works mainly with orders through the representative of the brand Sakhai Michael Walton Fine Arts representing and Banksy. So if you think you can order and the katitis your address for contact is

Leda Pimpli