Bambi – The Up N Coming Street artist Phenomena, taking the UK by storm!

Bambi is an incognito guerilla street artist.  She studied at central St. Martins School of art and is in her mid 30’s. Bambi has been concentrating her efforts in street art for the past 5 years or so.   However, in the last couple of years, she has started producing Bambi art for sale. These are in the form of both Original edition stencil and spray-paint on paper, and unique works on canvas, metal and mixed media.

Works ranging from her famous ‘I’m too hot for my burka’ which is a rather sexy image of a girl in her bikini leaning back; this was executed after the comments made by president Sarkozy in Paris.  To a stencil of ‘Ai Wei Wei’ the famous Chinese artist/activist; after which only days later he was freed from unlawful communism imprisonment.

Her collector base started strong and affluent, with Bambi artwork going into a wide range of private collections, including a large number of global entrepreneurs, heads of state and important multinationals.  More recently Bambi has started to see the flavors of fame, by reportedly going into the collections of a handful of celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Adele and even Brad Pitt who was reported to have bought a Banksy several years ago for £1m.  This is how the eruption in the true success of street artist Banksy started last decade, taking him to a stratospheric level.

Some such as David Dimbleby have described Bambi as ‘the female Banksy

Since Banksy we have not seen such talent and appreciation in a single artist.

What make Bambi very different, apart from the fact that she is a woman and see’s the street art from a female stance.  Bambi’s work is up to date, however uses fundamental historic imagery to base a lot of her works on.  This combination in addition to the clever choice of subject matter, is what enables her work to be placed in collections next to masters such as Rothko, Bacon and Warhol and appreciate great longevity.

Now just as any hot up n coming artists market grows, so does the desire for every person to jump on the band wagon in some way.  Be sure to purchase wisely.

Walton Fine Arts  is the Original Gallery for Bambi street artist.  Where Bambi’s world premier exhibition was launched as well as her primary market art issued!

A range of edition original stencil and spray-paint on paper, together with unique works on mirror and metal &  mixed media.

 ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’

Made for the Queens Jubilee and based on the street piece, a unique work on mirror.

Being a street artist some street pieces include:

 Bambi Amy 2012 Street Piece

Amy 2012 Street Piece –

After the defamation of the original Amy by an unknown source, Amy gets a fresh 2012 look!

 Bambi - I Wish

I wish 2011 Street piece

For  at Cross Street Shillingford Street off Upper Street N1 Highbury and Islington.

 Bambi Ai Wei Wei

Ai Wei Wei Street piece

The words “You can “Cage the  Singer, but Not the Song” fly from an ancestral pot, and the red line could possibly be the Chinese Law, ie, “Stepping over the line.”.  Some say this helped Ai Wei Wei to freedom only days later.

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