16/10/2013 – In the world of street art, Bambi has it all: critical acclaim, celebrity clients ranging from Brad Pitt to Adele, and a stencil of Amy Winehouse on the street in Camden that’s considered to be so culturally important, it is now preserved under a fine layer of plastic. She has achieved this by projecting a distinctly female voice into the male-dominated world of urban etchings.



“Most people like her work because it is through a woman’s eyes, so it comes out a little bit differently from other street art,” explains Michael Sakhai, director of London’s Walton Fine Arts and agent for Bambi originals.


Her artwork has been collected by Brad and Ange, Kate Moss, Harry Styles and Adele, to name a few.


Brad Pitt shelled out £60,000 for her Kate and Wills piece and her works have gone for anything from £30,000 to £100,000.


Originally published on http://www.world-arts.com/news/full.asp?news=bambi-the-female-banksy