She is a famous singer, is the successor to Banksi, the artist who buy from Kanye West to Rihanna. But no one knows who is Bambi. We break down the keys to the success of the artist of the moment.

By CARMEN ROSA FERNANDEZ | October 8, 2014


Fragment of ‘Bootylicious’, template, spray, acrylic and diamond dust on canvas.

In London’s South Kensington area, art is everywhere. Near the Victoria and Albert Museum, the streets have been taken by small galleries with bulging prices and millionaires brushes like Damien Hirst, Keith Haring and Pablo Picasso.  In the glass door of one of these places,  Walton Fine Arts , the name of the Malaga painter shares space with Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and his room and media star signing, the graffiti artist Banksy. Just behind the name of the king of street art trade in the window, resting on an easel a work that could be theirs.  However, there is something wrong. Hearts, butterflies, gold and diamond dust do suspect what rubric confirmed. Not Banksy, is Bambi, the female version.

Since long the world’s most famous street artist went from the streets to hang their works in dollar mansions worldwide. It seemed impossible that fans who followed their mark with styles too similar might be someday to match, let alone a woman who got. Although street art is experiencing a golden age unprecedented, especially as the pockets of creators are concerned, what to paint walls and denouncing spray and templates remains, like so much else, coarse men, masked in this case and usually the race. But even God seems spray surrendered to the charms of this intriguing woman. In the video one of his urban interventions, Banksy made ​​his name. He dropped like a mistake, something obviously impossible for a marketing genius, and merged their careers to the point last year starring in the exhibition ‘When Bambi met Banksy’at Walton Fine Arts.

For residents of Islington, London, Bambi is a recognizable signature from five years ago, when they began to see its walls decorated with images similar to the Bristol technique, but more naive dyes, pop and celebrities as protagonists. Soon it became known that the author was a woman and to be enthusiastic lovers of mystery, rumors claimed that exestrella is a British pop of mid-thirties. Some even dare to name names: MIA or Paloma Faith, both singers and alumnae of the prestigious art school in St. Martin’s.


‘Will & Kate’ fragment of the work of urban art Bambi located in North London.

True Love, one of the most popular works of Bambi

Double Elvis, Bambi

Bambi’s repertoire includes reinterpretations of classic paintings like ‘The Birth of Venus’ icons like Elvis and Elizabeth Taylor and also some political overtones as the Nelson Mandela decorates the London street named after the African leader or critical portrait of Margaret Thatcher, who covered London for the funeral of the former prime minister. However, what catapulted to fame in the English were his lighter works, contemporary pop figures such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie looking caramel, Daniel Craig as 007, Beckham, Beyonce or William and Kate (mural, say, purchased by Brad Pitt for 60,000 pounds). “It is the female Banksy and naive, softened without much political and social burden,” say the Walton Fine Arts, its general agent. In late 2013 they organized there the first monographic exhibition of the mysterious creative and today actors, singers and TV stars have become regulars. “His paintings and reach five figures. Kate Moss recently asked a portrait for which he paid 50,000 pounds, “say proud in the gallery. Adele and Robbie Williams are others who have posted a Bambi in her classroom and asked Rihanna a giant effigy of her best friend, Cara Delevingne, to give to the model. The Caribbean personally know the artist and Kanye West, who gave at his wedding to his wife, Kim Kardashian, with a portrait of herself half naked signed by London.

Bambi paints to consumer tastes and also apace.  “Every week we get three or four pictures of his study. The latter are of metal, but the media are changing. ” As the recent ‘Queen Bee’ (‘Queen Bee’), which shows Beyonce in yellow bikini, long hair and red glitter flower head. In this gallery, specializing in urban art since starting the reef, pictures of fashion girl is protected by glass, like Amy Winehouse painted in 2011 in Camden, his most famous work. The first version was canceled, but soon replaced it with another Bambi accurate, only changing her dress before red, now yellow.

The website of the Graffiti artist documents his actions perfectly produced videos, while the very few interviews (if by phone) is pleased to be able to have had two lives: star assiduous music to the red carpet, where he met many their customers today, and anonymous artist. This impeccable mastery of mystery and its profitability has learned from his mentor, Banksy, with supporting working assiduously. “We are like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. & Mrs. Smith.No talk about our other work. I love having a secret life. It’s like being a spy and is easier to be anonymous because before it was in the public eye, “he told the Daily Mail. Been known to drive an Aston Martin because he loves the character of James Bond, wearing Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur and which, he says, is a black belt in karate and daughter of a jazz musician and an artist. “We have no idea of their identity,” they say in the gallery with a poker face. What to believe and what is not part of a game that has become lucrative mask, plastic glasses and spray the new uniform better paid secret agent of the art world. Now also has a woman’s name.

(Google translation from Spanish)