“The mantra ‘buy what you love, love what you buy’ might sound a bit hackneyed but is nonetheless very true. Few people buy artworks just to store them in vaults away from the eye. Usually you will want to live with your art for a long time, so never go for second best. There are always artists who hold a stronger appeal than others and have an investment potential, but as many things in life, you’ll never know for sure beforehand and perhaps that’s the real beauty of it…” The Art Collector’s Guide

It’s February 2017. The Christmas holidays are far behind us and happy new year wishes are way beyond belated.  So now we can start for real.

The Christmas period (pre and post) has been a buzzing time at Walton Fine Arts.  Some of our artists hit the nail on the head coming up with some of the most amazing and relevant creations ever.

Anyone walking down Walton Street in the past few months inevitably laughed at/looked at/commented on/took a picture of and in some case brought home one artwork: a limited edition print in a white frame (a very small edition of 25 only, now sold out – only a few proofs available).


GoodFellas” is a spot-on satirical creation that speaks volumes. A lot of collectors and customers took this piece home to make a powerful gift to somebody or to add an extra kick to their houses or offices.

Some artists are amazing at being relevant and time sensitive and they have that “wow factor” to their works that inevitably brings them a notch up from the competition and make them highly desirable. This is an innate talented and cannot be taught at school.

A lot more customers ask us what is good to buy. While it’s easy to recommend artists who are more in demand, ultimately we believe you should buy what works for  you, and you would love to see in your house.

Art is a life-enhancing experience. We believe in selecting art that will make your life better bringing beauty, colour and vibe to it.

Visit us to see a selection of paintings, sculptures, limited edition prints and neon lights that will take your place to the next level.

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The Art Collector’s Guide