Our custom shop is designed to take care of your special requests with your artworks.

We all know it takes a little bit of thought to find artworks that match all our requirements, especially when they’re meant for decorating a key space.

  1. First and foremost we must LOVE the artwork.
  2. We need to check with whomever we share a living/working space with that they also LOVE it too.

Once these preliminary but important steps are taken, more question marks may arise:

  1.  Are the sizes already available right for the space?
  2.  Can I have it in a different shape (portrait/landscape instead of square etc.)?
  3.  I love this artwork BUT I would really have it in a different colour way…
  4. Can I PERSONALIZE it to make a wonderful gift to someone special? (or for myself?)
  5.  What are my framing options?

And so on… Once you have selected your candidate artwork/s, please fill the form below and tell us which customisations you would like. We are currently offering custom options for the following 5 artists: Van Donna see selection… E$COBAR see selection… Robert Hilmersson see selection… Lord K2 see selection… Hollie Wood see selection… We’ll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote, lead time and availability.  You can also request a call at a convenient time to discuss in more detail via telephone.