We hope you are all healthy and staying safe at home. 

Whilst on lock-down, we can use our home time to take care of ourselves and our homes:

1. DECORATE – many of our customers are generally so busy with their work that they hardly have time to fill up their walls. Now, with more time on our hands we can all concentrate on making our home the most inspiring and beautiful place.

Van Donna’s ‘Kaleidoscope’ elegantly compliments sophisticated interiors

2. HEALING – we can indulge in regenerating activities, to take our mind body and soul to a better place. Art can help, as being surrounded by color and beauty can help lifting your spirit on a daily basis. Over the last few weeks we have seen an increased demand for artworks as people get creative with decor solutions for their space from the safety of their homes.

Billy The Kid’s ‘Flying Colours’ (above) and a selection of 3 ‘Moods’ by Van Donna (below) have soothing revitalizing effect on the mind and soul and add a layer of peaceful inspiration to every space

3. INVEST – blue chip art can be a huge financial commitment, but buying from emerging artists is risk free and fun! Whilst original paintings might be the real deal for some, don’t forget that prints are highly collectible items, and can command mad prices (see Banksy as a classic example!).

We will do our best to keep fulfilling all online orders to help you get the artworks you want.

You have the space: we have the art!