Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn faced a grilling from members of the public in a BBC Question Time election special. Here are five key takeaways.1. The audience was on fire

It might not have been the head-to-head many people wanted – which Mr Corbyn said was a “shame” – but the audience didn’t hold back when it came to asking difficult questions.

The tone was set from the get-go, when Mrs May was asked whether the public should trust anything she says given her “track record of broken promises and backtracking”.

The tough questions kept coming. The Conservative leader got: “Secretly, do you really regret calling this election, now the polls have moved against you?” And: “do you really think you actually have any real leverage with Brussels?”

Mr Corbyn didn’t get off lightly either, with the first question from the audience on why the British public should trust him to negotiate Brexit.

He was also asked to rule out a deal with the SNP, and: “Why have you never regarded the IRA as terrorists?” Mr Corbyn said he “deplored all acts of terrorism.”

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