It’s dark times for the Euro that keeps on tumbling down.



According to the Wall Street JournalThe euro fell against the dollar Wednesday after the European Central Bank said it would stop accepting Greek bonds as collateral for central bank loans, reviving investors’ concerns about possible upheaval in the eurozone. The euro dropped 1.1% against the dollar to $1.1348 in late afternoon trade, erasing most of Tuesday’s rally and bringing the single currency closer to an 11-year low.”

Bloomberg “Euro volatility is reaching levels unseen in three years as currency traders adjust positions on the outcome of Greece’s debt talks.”

Seeing as the euro zone is in turmoil and heading to an uncertain future, its no wonder why more and more people over the last few weeks are already starting to turn hard earned Euros into fine art. The art investment momentum from countries in the euro zone have been starting to grow over the last few weeks.

Weather its blue chip art by household names such as:

PicassoWarhol, Robert Indiana or Tom Wesselmann,

or up and a selection of upcoming artists such as:

Bambi, Robert Hilmersson, Van Donna and Escobar

Art investment makes more and more perfect sense, given the possibility that the Euro could one day in close proximity crash!