Heiner Meyer has been accredited for kicking off the New Pop Art movement a style that is beholden to the pop artists of the 60′s but looks at the status of the consumer object from a very different point of view. Yes the same iconography is employed however rather than the Pop artists of the 1960′s who focused on the individual everyday object and mass media in general, Meyer’s work highlights the stream of juxtaposing visuals – from the past and present – that are fed into our daily lives and reflect who we are.

 | Art and design | February 13, 2013

For Meyer, unlike Warhol – who reflected on the growing influence of the media and elevated popular images of the everyday to high art – the interplay between illusion and disillusionment and creation and destruction of an iconic image does not apply.  Rather he uses images that have already found a secure place in our collective memory, images that we carry with us all the time. This visual commonality is used by Meyer to create paintings that combine the representational and the abstract, to create an energy through which he develops new scenarios and perspectives allowing our imagination to develop new stories, new relationships with images we have become immune too.

And like all good pop art they’re fantastic pictures in their own right with an energy and a life all of their own.

Heiner Meyer - Water Falls


Heiner Meyer Paintings Subvert Pop Art Iconography

Source: http://www.mutantspace.com/heiner-meyer-paintings-new-pop-art-compositions/