The idea of creating the iconic forms, colors and images of Chanel an original work, put five of the most creative artists congenial to our new print edition. Impressive, surprising and: inimitable! The not less impressive backstage video we show you now exclusively on TUSH online.

This week: Heiner Meyer

“An uninspired life is a boring life” (GOOGLE Translation from German!!)

Uncertainty and challenge to the appeal of his profession for Heiner Meyer. The pop-art artist and sculptor exhibited his works always in question and make it in this way to reach new levels. His career began in the tranquil Bielefeld, led him to Spain – as an assistant by Salvador Dalí – and culminated in cities such as Paris, New York and Seoul. Meanwhile, Heiner Meyer  is an internationally recognized artist and especially for its combination of apparently non-mating motives known. Icons of film history take on items of goods and advertising world and the consumer society and open up new perspectives. “I also use found material and so tell a new story.” 

Thus, the Bielefeld employed for the Chanel “make-up-type” project with the fragrance classic: Chanel N ° 5, whose silhouette probably everyone knows. He continued the illusion and intoxicating element of the bottle in an entirely new context, by letting these Corten steel and oversized rebuild large. The material forms within the shortest possible time a superficial rust patina, which prevents further corrosion. The name: “Change”. The combination of corrosion and new naming arises in the view of the artist a whole new level and view of the supersaturated and ephemeral perfume market and ultimately the possible temptation to another scent …