Heiner Meyer



Heiner Meyer‘s artistic career spans an impressive four decades now! In the picture, the artist working as Salvador Dali’s  assistant back in 1973.

Heiner-Meyer-Salvador-Dali-2 Heiner-Meyer-Salvador-Dali

Heiner Meyer’s enthusiasts include Pop Art collector and fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger!

A regular presence at the most prestigious international art fairs and featured on numerous magazines including Art Investor, Grazia and High Life,  Meyer’s work is often referred to as a solid example of art investment commanding important figures for both original paintings and sculptures.


At the second edition of Art Southampton, presented by Art Miami,  Heiner Meyer‘s metallic Donald Duck sculpture that gleamed beside the VIP lounge at Gallery Terminus sold for $113,000 [..] The Munich-based heavyweight has requested twice as large a booth for next year, among numerous exhibitors who are already committing to return for Art Southampton’s third edition.”

Heiner Meyer – Art Investor

Heiner Meyer – High Life

Heiner Meyer – Grazia

Heiner Meyer – Magazin


Heiner Meyer Biography

1953 Born in Bielefeld, Germany

1973 Assistant to Salvador Dalì in Port Liggat, Spain

1977 Begins to study fine art at the Hoschule der Bildenden Kunste in Braunschweig

1981 Named master student by Prof. Malthe Sartorius

1982 Art Prize of the Lower Saxony

1983 Teaching position at HBK Braunscweig

1986 – 1990 Teaching position in Bielefield, Germany

1993 Support by the Ministry of Culture of the State of North Rhine-Westpahlia

1996 Receive travel stipend for Japan from the Goethe Institute Kansai
Heiner Meyer lives and works in Bielefield, Germany.