Harry and Meghan are well-known culture vultures. Prince Harry reportedly bought a set of two original paintings by British artist Van Donna for Meghan Markle back in 2016, just before announcing their relationship to the world. And now you can buy prints of the same canvases – for a snip of the original price. ‘Everyone Needs Somebody To Love (Celebration Edition’ is a diptych comprised of two images – one with the phrase written out in red dots, and the other a Banksy-esque stencil of a pair of children walking hand-in-hand.

Harry was reported to have spent thousands of pounds on a piece from the VIP section of Walton Fine Arts Gallery and while he didn’t actually out Meghan, he did tell staff that it was for ‘an important person’. Van Donna describes herself as a London-based artist who mixes Pop Art and Pointillism; when she’s not making royal canvases, she’s busy selling pop prints of Chanel No 5 bottles and butterfly diptychs.

But back to the royal pair; you’ll have to act super fast if you want to gift these prints to your own partner, because anything Meghan-related seems to sell out in an instance. In fact, there are only a total of 50 prints available; each has been signed and numbered by the artist and they’re available in two sizes. Prices start from £199 which may sound pricey but trust me, the real canvases currently hanging in Nottingham Cottage are probably worth more than your parents’ house. And it’s a small price to pay for a tiny sliver of history.


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