“My paintings are a reflection of my emotions, imagination, and personality.”

Born in 1952 in Bambari, Central Africa, Alain Brandebourger started drawing and painting from the early age of 5 and continued throughout his childhood. As a young man, he developed a true passion for horse riding and loved being around horses. So, after the loss of his beloved father at age 19, Alain went on pursuing a successful career as a horse rider and breeder, which took over the following 40 years of his life, whilst always keeping up with his painting.

His love for horses can be easily spotted in his artwork as these animals are often a subject of his paintings.

Recently, after receiving much support and encouragements from friends and family, as well as a very positive feedback from the artistic community, Alain decided to resurrect his love for drawing and painting and devote it most of his time. His works have been selling well globally including auction sales in France, Italy and the rest of the world.

Praise for his work came from Mr. Armand Israel, curator of the ‘Georges Braque Museum’ in Paris, who expressed his appreciation of Brandebourger’s work in a personal letter to the artist writing that he had “perfectly acquired the spirit of Braque’s work, innovator of the “collages” and “papiers colles” methods alongside Picasso”.

 The full letter can be read at this web address:


Here’s a selection of his latest works which are mainly oil on canvas and collage: