Jonty Hurwitz


Jonty Hurwitz is a sculptor of South African descent, active since 2009. He lives and works in the UK.

Due to the highly scientific nature of his work, he is widely known Internationally. His work is covered on over 30,000 sites and blogs on the web.

Hurwitz’s work has entered the academic realm. His work has been written about and published in several academic papers and is lectured about in Universities around the world.

Interestingly his work as also been included in several school text books in several languages and countries.

His nano works have received 2 Guinness World Records.

In 2015 a major CNN International documentary was done on his work with analysis by art critic Estelle Lovatt, Antony Gormley, and Chris Dercon (curator of the Tate Modern). It was aired to an audience of over 100 million.

His work has been featured on major newspapers, scientific publications, TV channels and influent blogs/websites, including NY Times, Forbes, Financial Times, The Independent, CNN, BBC, The Guardian and the Huffington Post among others.


Visitors to The Savoy’s new seafood bar and grill are greeted by a magnificent feline. The buzzing restaurant, named Kaspar’s in honour of the hotel’s celebrated cat, has commissioned a new sculpture by Jonty Hurwitz as part of The Savoy’s contemporary art programme.