A royal etiquette expert fills us in on everything from the proper way to serve tea to exactly what the Royal Warrant of Appointment really means

Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle is already well versed in the more glamorous aspects of royal living; as a star of the legal drama Suits for seven years, she’s seen her share of red carpets and photo shoots. But after the couple weds this May, Markle will become intimately familiar with the more quotidian responsibilities of royal life, such as how one decorates an apartment in Kensington Palace and what the protocol is if the Duchess of Cambridge drops by unannounced for tea […]


It won’t be a problem if the couple’s taste veers more towards Banksy and less towards Old Masters. “It is highly unlikely that there are restrictions for Meghan and Prince Harry as to artists or styles that would be off-limits,” Meier says. The couple’s personal taste in art seems to skew towards the more modern; before going public with their romance, Prince Harry even bought Markle a contemporary diptych at a Christie’s exhibition from artist Van Donna featuring the words “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love” and depicting a boy and a girl walking hand in hand.

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