From the 2nd of February…. Pop Masters & Contemporaries.. a brand new show showcasing Pop Art Masters like Tom Wesselmann, Robert Indiana and Takashi Murakami and Pop-inspired up and coming artists Robert Hilmersson and Richard Zarzi.

TOM WESSELMANN  (February 23, 1931, Cincinnati – December 17, 2004) was an American artist associated with the Pop Art movement who worked in painting, collage and sculptures. His early work was heavily influenced by the abstract expressionist painters, especially Willem de Kooning. His art became more popular in the 1960s and had his first one man exhibition in 1962 at the Tanager Gallery, New York.

After that, his art made it to several other exhibitions such as the Young America exhibition in 1965, Whitney Museum, New York. Beginning in the 1950s, he made collages from magazine clippings and found objects, often incorporating female nudes. Tom Wesselmann was best known for his “Great American Nudes” series. In 2004 he died of complications following heart surgery, aged 73.

ROBERT INDIANA is an American artist, the last living legend from the Pop Art movement which included Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein. Indiana was born Robert Clark in New Castle on September the 13th 1928.  One of the pre-eminent figures of American art since the 1960s, he has been a pioneer of
assemblage art, hard-edge abstraction and pop art. Over the past five decades, Indiana’s work has explored the power of abstraction and language, American identity and personal history. As a selfproclaimed
“American painter of signs” Indiana gained international recognition in the early 1960′s for employing the vernacular form of American road and shop signs, combining it with a sophisticated formal and conceptual approach that turned this familiar vocabulary into something entirely new. Indiana’s works are in the permanent collections of numerous museums including the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. His LOVE (with the tilted ‘O’) is perhaps his most iconic and recognized work. 3D LOVE sculptures are installed in New York, London and Tokyo.

TAKASHI MURAKAMI is a painter and sculptor famous for his integration of Fine Art, commercialism, Japanese aesthetics, and cultural criticism into his work. Takashi Murakami paints in the self titled style of “Superflat”, a method whereby everything within the image is portrayed in two dimensions only, and one that he used extensively during his commissioned work as a designer in 2003 for Louis Vuitton.  In 2000, he founded the “Superflat” movement, a post modern style drawing inspiration from Japanese manga (comics created in Japan), graphic design, and traditional Japanese prints and screen paintings. Throughout his career, Murakami has increasingly blurred the boundaries between fine art and popular culture by branding his artwork and turning it into merchandise, particularly with the celebrated character Mr. Dob. His embrace of the commercial side of art reached a high point in 2003, when the artist began collaborating with Marc Jacobs in the redesign of the Louis Vuitton logo and handbags. Murakami currently lives and works in Tokyo and New York.

ROBERT HILMERSSON  “A colourful, symbolic artist with humorous elements” as defined by the
Swedish national press, Robert Hilmersson has exhibited his artworks in London, New York, Las Vegas, Stockholm, Budapest, Seattle and Gothenburg. Robert has a keen interest in photography and refers to pop art (Andy Warhol in particular) but also to Banksy and the street art culture as a source of inspiration. His works sold to celebrity collectors such as legendary 80’s pop star Adam “Prince Charming” Ant, Swedish business magnate Hans Wallenstam, Ericsson’s CEO Hans Vestberg, members of the Sainsbury family
and at world famous auction house Sotheby’s. Robert Hilmersson’s premiere solo exhibition worldwide took place in November 2014 at Walton Fine Arts.