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Damien Hirst collectors lose thousands as expert calls plummeting value ‘a bloodbath’

Controversial artist dubbed a ‘marketing genius’ was apparently less of an investment than collectors first thought

Artworks by Damien Hirst have reportedly plummeted in value since he shattered the world record for an auction sale in 2008. 

The Beautiful Inside My Head auction raised a whopping £111m for the artist over two days, even as the financial markets collapsed amid the subprime mortgage scandal. 

Artworks are often bought by collectors as long-term investments, with the hope that they will increase in value over time as the artist’s reputation grows. 

However, experts at website Artnet have discovered that 17 of the 19 Hirst works sold since the 2008 auction have actually depreciated in value, with a total loss of around £2.2m. 

A painting of a skull titled Beautiful Mider sold for £670,000 in 2008, but was sold last year for £449,000. The Times notes that the loss for the seller will have been worse due to buyer’s premium, seller’s fees and storage costs. 

Tim Schneider of Artnet said it was not a case of one or two works dragging down the average worth. “Instead of a formaldehyde tank, the best fluid measure here is a bloodbath,” he wrote. “Is this grim total just a matter of a few horrendous results pulling down the rest of the group by association? Individual results thunder back a loud ‘no’.

Art economist and author Don Thompson said it was unlikely that collectors who bought Hirst’s work as an investment would ever recoup the money they spent. “The  value of his traditional work, taxidermy animals, spot paintings, spin paintings, probably peaked with the auction,” he said. 

Art specialist Philip Hook warned collectors back in 2013 that the “bubble” maintained by Hirst’s PR machine would eventually burst. 

Speaking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival he said: “An artist who is simply very good at playing the market and is good at marketing himself, he is the most in danger of [his art] suffering when he dies,” he said. 

“Those works that are less aggressively presented to the public will last.”

Meghan Markle Shares Secret To Buying Presents Following Prince Harry’s 34th Birthday

On Saturday, Prince Harry celebrated his 34th birthday – his first birthday married to Meghan Markle and as the Duke of Sussex.

And while the couple no doubt partied in private with friends and family, we’re sure the Duchess of Sussex made an extra special effort when it came to choosing Harry’s birthday present.

According to her now defunct blog, The Tig, the former Suits star wrote about how she finds the perfect gift for a loved one.

‘It’s easy to grab another T-shirt for your man — but you’ll likely steal it for PJs anyway,’ she wrote in a post.


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Prince Harry Bought Meghan Markle a Romantic Secret Gift Before Their Relationship Went Public

Surprise, surprise … before Prince Harry was the perfect husband, he was the perfect boyfriend.

The royal was spoiling Meghan Markle long before he put (a gorgeous and ethically sourced diamond) ring on it. In the days before he and the future Duchess of Sussex’s relationship went public in October 2016, Harry, an important person, made a lofty purchase “for an important person,” in the Very Important Person section of Walton Fine Arts gallery in Kensington, London.

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Prince Harry Gave Meghan Markle the Most Romantic Secret Gift Before Their Relationship Went Public

UGH, so bad news: Prince Harry is even more perfect than we thought. In a mission to put his arch nemesis Prince Charming to shame, it turns out Harry bought Meghan a secret and highly romantic gift just days before their relationship went public.

Meghan Markle news: What did Prince Harry buy Meghan DAYS before relationship revealed?

The Duke of Sussex, 32, is said to have spent thousands of pounds on the “very romantic gesture” at an exclusive art gallery.

Prince Harry bought Meghan Markle an adorable painting just days before they revealed their relationship, it has been revealed.

Harry asked for the the acrylic, stencil and spray piece, Everybody Needs Somebody to Love by rising British artist Van Donna, to be split in half so that it could be shared between two people.

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Prince Harry Allegedly Bought This Romantic Gift for Meghan Markle When They Started Dating

According to People, Prince Harry pulled out all the stops early in his courtship with Meghan, and this included buying her a romantic piece of art, which features an adorable message. The diptych—a canvas featuring artwork on both sides—includes the words “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love” on one side, with a couple holding hands depicted on the other side.

If Prince Harry did, in fact, give this to Meghan when they started dating, he was definitely making his feelings for the former Suits actress very clear:

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The romantic secret gift Prince Harry bought two years ago for then-girlfriend Meghan Markle

Prince Harry, who already seems like the perfect husband, has won more brownie points from fans, as its revealed he bought Meghan an adorable painting in the first stages of their relationship.

The Prince has done a good job of showing up other boyfriends and husbands, as it’s reported that a few years back, he bought his then-girlfriend Meghan a gorgeous piece of original artwork by Van Donna called ‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’.

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Prince Harry’s romantic gift for Meghan Markle is now a t-shirt!

Prince Harry’s one-time romantic gesture to his future wife Meghan Markle has now been turned into a wearable piece of art for fans! Back in 2016, the duke purchased a lovely painting called Everybody Needs Somebody To Love for his then-girlfriend, and the Van Donna creation is now featured on a limited-edition t-shirt that any royal watcher can purchase.

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