Long before talk of nude-coloured royal outfits, Givenchy wedding dresses and royal titles, let’s not forget that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were once just an average couple who tried to woo each other with heartfelt gifts.

(Okay, so maybe they weren’t your average couple, but this was still a ‘boy meets girl’ kind of situation.)

One of the adorable presents the prince gave his then-girlfriend was reportedly a set of two original

paintings from British artist Van Donna in 2016, months before the couple announced their relationship to royal fans.

And now, you can get your hands of the afforable(ish) set of artwork.

The diptych, entitled ‘Everyone Needs Somebody To Love (Celebration Edition)’, is comprised of two square-shaped images; the left image features the phrase ‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’ in a red cursive script, and the right is a black stencil image of a young boy and girl walking hand-in-hand.

Van Donna describes herself as a ‘pop artist’ with her artwork primarily based on themes such as romance and luxury, as seen in several other pieces of her artwork on sale here.

Similar to Banksy, Van Donna’s true identity is unknown but her portmanteau is a mix of Van Gogh and Madonna.

Prints of Van Donna’s Everybody Needs Somebody To Love artwork can be bought here with prices starting at £599. Single versions of the diptych are available and cost upwards of £199.

No, the artwork may not be an everyday splurge, but it’s far cheaper than Meghan’s recent Brandon Maxwell and Oscar de la Renta dresses.

Finally, a way to live like Meghan without the crippling debt!

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