By now, we’ve learned that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle aren’t afraid to show off their affection. But even in the early days of their married relationship, it seems they’ve still been really into grand sweeping gestures, with Prince Harry reportedly doing things like buying the new Duchess of Sussex original artwork by British artist Van Donna.

Last year, People had reported that in 2016, Prince Harry bought artwork in the VIP section of London’s Walton Fine Arts Gallery. A local collector allegedly said that Prince Harry was looking for something to

give “an important person” and dropped a few thousand on Van Donna’s Everybody Needs Somebody To Love—basically a prince’s version of handing his crush a varsity letter jacket.

The piece is made up of two panels: One is the title text while the other features a black stencil of a boy and girl, walking hand in hand. Days later, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle went public with their relationship, so we’re guessing she may have liked her present.

The couple is apparently very into art, so it makes sense that Prince Harry picked something by Van Donna, a rising pop artist. The artist uses a pseudonym that’s a mash-up of her two heroes, Van Gogh and Madonna, and she often explores themes of love and romance in her work. A lot of her style has been likened to Banksy and Andy Warhol.

Although an original of Everybody Needs Somebody is pretty much impossible to get without spending a small fortune, prints are available starting at £199, or about $264.

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