By Royal Appoitment - NYC USA

‘By Royal Appoitment’ – NYC USA

3rd November 2016 saw the much waited USA launch of ‘By Royal Appointment’ show, which went down with a huge bang!

Hosted & sponsored by two of New York’s Elite art collectors & backed by The New York’s leading foundation The Thanc Foundation.  The event which was in a prominent venue on the Upper East Side of Manhattan’s New York City, saw record crows in excess of 1000 people attend; which included a wave of New York’s high society, as well as collectors from Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, Florida as well as Europe such as Greece and Italy, Milan and the world over.

The show was the formal introduction of the latest in a string of hot emerging artists from the UK:

Van Donna – A female artist influenced by Van Gough’s style of pointillism, taking classic POP artworks instantly recognizable and putting her stamp on it.  Van Donna started to impress all when we spotted her in 2015 and started to be love by Celebrities such as Ringo Starr, Royal Families around the world including our very own Prince Harry who has a selection as well as The Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg Russia.  You can see her works here on her artist page:

Escobar  – An emerging artist breaking barriers in ‘new pop art’ with a mix of political and pop imagery.  Works with Neon art as well as mixed media.  E$COBAR is an artist taking a thought-provoking stance toward the money-oriented Western culture. Neither criticizing nor glorifying it, the artist is simply juxtaposing elements often contrasting but deeply interlaced like love, money and power. His neon-artwork ”Power” is a ironic statement on the North American “War on Drugs” against the controversial “patron” Pablo Escobar and the Columbian drug cartel.  His works can be seen here: