Could this artwork be the clue to how Prince Harry won over Meghan Markle?

She may have stepped out in Australian labels like Camilla and Marc and Oroton prior to becoming a royal, but don’t be fooled into thinking Meghan Markle was ever really an ordinary girl. In fact, there’s nothing about the early days of Harry and Meghan‘s relationship to suggest this was a normal courtship. Yep, it seems even in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, the now-Duchess of Sussex was commanding the kind of gifts not normally known to mere mortals…

How do we know this? Easy. Cast your mind back to October, 2016, to a time when the world was yet to discover the existence of Prince Harry andMeghan Markle’s budding relationship. According to this old report inPeople, Harry spent thousands of dollars on a piece from the VIP section of London’s Walton Fine Arts Gallery. While we don’t know for sure whether he gifted it to his American girlfriend, the work by British artist Van Donna was titled Everybody Needs Somebody To Love, and according to a local collector, Prince Harry said it was for “an important person”.

Comprised of two panels, one has the words ‘Everybody Needs Somebody To Love’, while the other features a black stencil of a boy and girl holding hands. Prince Harry apparently asked if you could split the piece in half, to share between two people. Hmm. We think it’s pretty fair to assume Harry wasn’t buying this ultra-romantic artwork for a mate, don’t you?

At any rate, it seems to have worked its magic, since the former Suits actress and heir to the British throne are now happily married and ensconced within the gates of Buckingham Palace at Nottingham Cottage.

And for any hopeless romantics out there hoping to emulate Harry and Meghan’s love story, fear not: while you may not be able to purchase the original, you can buy various small-size replica prints of the original diptych. Starting from £199 ($355), we’d say that’s a small price to pay for a piece of the royal love story.


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