Sinjin Synn


Artist Statement: “The current work explores the fundamental power and presence of color, pigment, surface and symbols.   The Portrait series is an intersection of abstract and representational subject matter where substance follows form.   Color, pigment, surface and materials are given the freedom to allow for representation to emerge and evolve within the process of painting and the context of the artist in time and the moment.  The series also blurs the lines between abstraction and representation depending on the work and specific process and intent.   The specific use of colors, brush marks and broad palettes explores the self-awareness of the act of painting and creating form and image while at the same time acknowledging and extending contemporary art references and cultural symbols.

The Love series is about painting symbols of love by referencing the history and lexicon of the 4,000 year old art of Chinese calligraphy art (CCA) and the abstract symbols for love. These abstract symbols are taken apart and reconstructed with modern contemporary mediums and contexts.

The method includes the use of heavy, out-sized calligraphy brushes, ink and paper as well as modern aerosol spray paint and canvases (72” x 48”). It’s “Calligraffiti.” The calligraphy ink, the aerosol paint and canvas and paper are not naturally compatible and resist each other. There is a tension that exists among them. These materials then find their way to bond together based on my painting style and expression. The aerosol spray strokes are applied based on the fundamental brush strokes that make up calligraphy.

On another level, these paintings make reference to the Western art history tradition of religious themed paintings from centuries ago. The symbol for love is a scriptural reference in a similar way to Rembrandt’s biblical paintings such as the Descent from the Cross, Bathsheba at Her Bath, and Belshazzar’s Feast.”