“My artistic coinage began in my childhood as a typical unattended child of divorce of the eighties. From today’s perspective i spent far too much time watching TV and VHS Video in my infancy, but the colorful neon world of all that fantastic limited animation series of that decade offered me solace, escape and parent substitute.

As my only artistic mentor I would name my former art teacher, I greatly appreciated that wonderful woman, who in the last 3 years before my graduation at the age of 19, in addition to a solid artistic training coined my view of art in which it came to colors primarily, which has not changed until today.

My colors are flashy, beautiful, colorful, flourescend and metallic.
To look at my artworks is like a journey with all senses that you have to get involved in, a real trip. They live, every time there is something new to discover, a new detail. Depending on the spectators mood and the light of their ambiente they always look different.

I dedicated my last big series to the decade after my graduation, my wild raving years in the Cologne technoscene.
A period that also has marked my artistic work in a very special, important way. New doors in my brain got opened, i began to experience colours with all my senses.
That is why my series “Generation X” is both homage and quintessence of a hurricane-like life segment, which has laid another foundation for my artistic development and my understanding of colors. Abstract structures appear alive, harmonies merge and take the viewer on a journey into the beautiful chaos of the period of the house and techno scene of the last decade before the turn of the millennium. That series contains a lot of me, my life, everything.

After my wild years in Cologne and countless attempts to gain a foothold in the real world, three aborted studies during six years in three different Universities and no longer countable jobs and several periods with making nothing but party, at the age of 35 in 2010 I finally decided, to turn my back to my old home Cologne and to search my luck in Berlin working and living as an artist. I felt, i had to go there already a long time before my decision, i knew, it would be an inspiring place to find myself, altough i had no plan where the journey would end. So i sold everything i had, which was not so much, and went to Berlin with 1000 Euro in my pocket. In Berlin I began to paint a lot, more than ever before. To go to Berlin was the best decision i ever made, i got all the inspiration i needed, and more.

To survive financially and born out of neceessity, I developed together with my husband and Muse Gorka Maestu a new kind of jewelry. Each piece consisted of a hollow setting in geometric shape and inside of each item I painted a small, abstract acrylic painting which we sealed with resin. Art to Go for everyone. That is when Haute Kuki & Die Markise, our Art and jewelry label started, which today is a successful company with me as one of the head designers.

To date, I have finished thousands of jewelry with my art and throughout the last 7 years working in my company, i have developed and found my own style of painting abstractly, which allows me to express myself artistically 100%. When i paint i´m in another universe, i have an idea of coulours in my head, that very often had been appearing in my dreams before, i listen to my old house tunes or to the soundtracks of my beloved animation series. I´m away, I let go and let my inside out on the canvas.
My style is putting the focus on harmony, on the importance of the relationship and interaction of colors among themselves, like human beings, on beauty and confusion, on fun, laughter, fear and disturbance and about how everything belongs together.”



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