Stefan Goertz




Born in a small town close to catholic Aachen, West-Germany, Stefan Goertz grew up from his 11th year without a father as a typical child of divorcee of the 80’s with his mother and sister.

His longtime art teacher gave him the two most important pillars of his work on the way: the importance of colors and the importance of a good picture title.

Stefan Goertz did not find his own style for a long time until, after moving to Berlin with his muse Gorka Maestu in 2010, he discovered abstract painting as the head color designer of the successful Berlin label HAUTE KUKI & Die Markise. Over the years, Stefan Goertz has created hundreds of miniature artworks, which he embeds with transparent cold enamel in jewelery settings.

In addition to classic painting tools such as brushes, Edding and graffiti spray, Stefan Goertz creates his art with his own specially developed, abstract painting technique, in which he staples sticky notes on his fingertips and uses them as a painting tool with various motions.

He creates works of art that are highly recognizable. The focus is always on luminosity, harmony and movement. The use of the acrylic colors is generous, almost wasteful. The artist constructs three-dimensional, high-contrast structures in neon and pastel, layer by layer. His paintings are compositions, seemingly without beginning and without ending and each shines in spite of all the chaos of the optimism of the artist, which accompanied him protectively through his very stormy life.

In many of his more recent series, geometrical abstractions are also found, which in some pictures form the framework of the work; in others, the classic abstract elements dominate. The artists Jeff Koons, Jackson Pollock and Carmen Herrera have great influence on his style of painting.

Thus, the artist succeeds in creating the reconciliation of the incompatible, the beauty in ugliness, the clarity in the confusion, an optimism in the hopelessness, without committing to a style while clearly leaving his handwriting. He consciously does not allow himself to be forced into a corset of the art world, because for him the art counts and not the show.

Most of his works begin with a centered element, an “X”, a heart, a rectangular beam, around which he slowly lets the work emerge. In part, these elements disappear beyond recognition in the course of the creative process, e.g. in his work “TECHNO MOTHER” from 2017, which began with a “DISCO” – lettering, which can only be guessed at the same time. In other works, on the other hand, they clearly remain as a center, e.g. in his series “POP HEARTS”; “ORDERS & DISORDERS” or “ABSTRACT ARCADE”, which constitute an important step in the artist’s development.