(Google Translation from Italian) Woman, born in the early 80s, he attended St. Martin’s College , active in the London suburb of Islington in the last three years.  Distinguishing features: she is said to be a famous pop star . It’sBambi , the street artist called ” Banksy feminine “for the british nationality and the mystery surrounding his identity. To give it a face has been made ​​the names of MIA and Paloma Faith who attended the same school of art, as well as those of the two former Spice Girls Geri Halliwell andVictoria Beckham .

Street Art, the success of Bambi: hidden identity, is "the female Banksy"

Her name comes from the nickname that was given to his father in childhood, “children” and indeed his art is inspired by Andy Warhol and Francis Bacon . Armed with her ​​spray cans, has spent years, ever since his graffiti appeared for the first time on the walls of London, to evade the police until it was launched in the world of the “star system” by rapper Kayne West that , on the occasion of the marriage, gave to his wife Kim Kardashian his own portrait drawn by half-naked Bambi.

BAMBI STREET ARTIST – Walton Fine Arts Hosts World Première in London from Walton Fine Arts on Vimeo.

Even Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Cara Delevigne, Adele, Robbie Williams are among his admirers and collectors of his works. It is said that the American actress Michelle Rodrigruez , star of Lost, has commissioned a portrait of the supermodel Bambi Dear Delevigne in the period when they began to circulate rumors of his alleged homosexuality and that Brad Pitt has paid 60 thousand pounds to get from Bambi the portrait of the marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton prior to commission those of his own family. The latest to have asked for a portrait for 50 thousand pounds is the model Kate Moss . The famous names are now lining up to buy one of his works, considering that prices are still affordable.

The last star of the graffiti has begun to attract attention to himself in 2001 whenCamden Town appeared the image of Amy Winehouse that sparked a debate on the protection of street art and which is now protected with Perspex. Other well-known players of his graffiti are Madonna, the Queen of England, Usain Bolt, and even Pope Benedict XVI greets with two fingers with “Rude Pope “(Pope rude). In an interview he stated that among his creations would have liked to have Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix and Freddie Mercury. The international stars are therefore the object of his work along with political and feminist themes . His technique in addition to the aerosol using high-quality materials such as diamond dust and gold leaf on confirmation of many art critics of the idea that street art was born as urban alienation, has become desire for those who are affluent and have a good social position. It is a real phenomenon, but shewants to continue to keep his identity a secret “for both safety reasons and because protecting my creative freedom,” said the artist. “I like to entertain people with my art, – also said in a rare radio interview – I know that what I do is illegal . The problem is that I can not resist a white wall. “

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