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Bambi Christie’s Charity Auction David Dimbleby

The 4th of September sees the Christie’s charity auction set up by The famous question time presenter David Dimbleby.  Original artworks by Damien Hirst and Bambi street artist, have been donated to raise funds for his Cancer Charity Dimbelby cancer care.  This Charity was set up in the late 1960’s in helping cancer sufferers at Guy’s and St. Thomas’s hospital in London.

Bambi kindly donated an original Bambi painting to David Dimbleby to help raise funds at this auction.

Walton Fine Arts wants to wish you all the best of luck in this event.


Christie’s Art Auction

On Tuesday 4th September, two very exciting pieces of Comtemporary British Art go up for sale at Christie’s as part of the Christie’s Interior’s Auction.  The sale of the pieces by Damien Hirst and elusive artist Bambi will benefit Dimbleby Cancer Care, thanks to the kind donation of the proceeds by Dimbleby Cancer Care Chairman David Dimbleby.

Damien Hirst’s Spin Skull lot. 447 was created by Hirst with David’s assistance, when they were filming Seven Ages of Britain for the BBC in 2009, and very kindly given to David for auction.

Alongside Spin Skull – which also features on the cover of the auction catalogue – David is also auctioning a Bambi original ‘Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend’ lot. 426 by Bambi.

The piece was generously given to David to auction when he was having the Hirst piece framed. Diamonds is part of a series of works produced by Bambi – hailed by many as the female Banksy – to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year, including a piece of street graffiti in North London featuring the queen on a diamond playing card earlier in the year.

For full details of the sale, please go to to download the Catalogue.



Walton Fine Arts are Bambi Artist’s exclusive global agents for all original art!

Bambi is a British street artist that has presented numerous works throughout the city of London. Keeping her identity anonymous, she portrays current culture through her unique style, and has received wide recognition for her public murals of such figures as Prince William and Kate Middleton, and a full portrait of Amy Winehouse that is now protected by plastic. Inspired by a cross of artists including Bansky, Bambi addresses controversial subject matter that is accessible to a range of viewers. Bambi describes her work as, “I let my work speak for itself. But dreams can inspire me and I am particularly interested in people who spread love and joy…” Bambi studied at St. Martin’s Art College and she continues to live and work in London. Portrayed by some already as ‘the female Banksy!’ The up-n-coming artist known as Bambi, has set off to a great start in the commercial Urban art market.  Producing Hand-cut, hand-sprayed, hand-papered original one offs as editioned works, as apposed to editioned ‘prints’, such as those made by artists normally. In addition to editioned original works, Bambi produces one-off originals on mediums such as metal & canvas. Walton Fine Arts is the sole, global agent and representative of  Bambi UK street artist’s original art.  All original works by Bambi originate from Walton Fine Arts.  Works will be seen to come and go, in a rather incognito manor.  Rather like Bambi’s credentials which remain unknown.

For inquiries about Bambi please write to:

By popular demand – Bambi originals available currently from £4,000 and upwards

Bambi Art Gallery

Bambi, the urban artists latest street works include the following: Bambi - Diamonds are forever - Street piece


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – Street piece

A beautiful tribute to Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – 60 years of reign.

  Hero to zero street piece I   From Hero to Zero street piece II   From Hero to Zero – Primorose Hill London NW2 Depicting the true story of an Afhghan war veteran… Make Tea not war Make tea not war in Belsize village NW3 On the shutters of Bell Street’s well- known Loretta’s Coffeehouse – spreading the message The simple message from this anonymous artist.   Bambi Baby   The baby from Top fashions accessory 2011′   “Unredeemed Pledge” (ie. Uncollected goods), and one off Essex Road with slogan “Top Fashion Accessory” – which is your favourite?

Ai wei wei street art London

Ai wei wei street art London

The words “You can “Cage theSinger, but Not the Song” fly from an ancestral pot, and the red line could possibly be the Chinese Law, ie,“Stepping over the line.” Followed by a further slogan to free Ai Wei Wei……… Just days after the execution of this great street piece, Ai Weiwei is released!!!!!   A Bit Like Marmite - Street piece A Bit Like Marmite – Street Mural was made on The Royal Couple’s Wedding day to commemorate this Historic occassion.  This work is In Islington on the corner of Liverpool Road N1.   Amy Street Peace – A tribute to the legendary Amy Winehouse excecuted in Camden.     I wish – for a white Xmas an end to world hunger poverty animal cruelty and a set of Little Mix dolls  Bambi — at Cross Street Shillingford Street off Upper Street N1 Highbury and Islington.   Amy 2012 Street Piece Amy 2012 Street Piece – After the defamation of the original Amy by an unknown source, Amy gets a fresh 2012 look!   Pickering St, just off Essex Rd. You walk into your local cafe, and pass this on your route…. reminding you that mudanity meets extraordinary sometimes, and that there is more to life than cigarettes, tea, and that full-English breakfast you’ve been craving….. “I believe in Angels!”   ‘You lift my spirits’  Made for the London 2012 Olympics, shows how team GB has shone the path to greatness.   Bambi Ball Dog Street piece ‘Ball Dog’ Bambi street piece for Wimbledon and Olympics Wimbledon 2012.  Great British Bull Dog is king! Rude-Pope-Bambi-NW5   ‘Rude Pope’ Bambi street piece in Rochester Place, London NW5 Bambi quoted as saying: ‘A night in the cells goes with the territory.  It’s going to happen.  The best policy is to be polite to the police: a cup of tea and a blanket goes a long way on a cold winters night’

‘This Can’t Happen’  Bambi Street Artist’s street piece depicting the North Korean Leader tyrant Kim Jong-Un on the brink of a Nuclear War!

Bambi Amy Winehouse – Street piece


Who would have thought that in the Summer 2011 we would lose what was one of Britain’s youngest and most renowed musicians in the world. Standing at 5″3′, Amy Winehouse had one of the most distinguishable voices in the world, one of the most eye-grabbing images, and one of the most addictive personalities. Her flux from lost girl to queen of music was followed closely by the paparazzi, and her image never fully left the media.

September 14th marked what would have been this modern-age Audrey Hepburn’s 28th birthday… And London’s street artist, Bambi, wasn’t far behind to keep her image alive.

Situated behind Camden Town Underground Station (16 Camden Road), this gorgeous piece, for the first time in Bambi’s history, was carried out in colour. A bright green door is the backdrop, and Amy’s black hair, vivid red dress and glinting smile, tells a story of the girl behind the speakers; one who will always be with us through the medium of song… This must be why she is in colour rather than the dullness of black and white – she will always be present.

Bambi Amy Winehouse

Bambi – Amy – Original Stencil & Spraypaint on paper

Following Bambi’s recent art history, anyone looking closely will see a distinct pattern..

Bambi Amy- original stencil & spray paint on paper, edition of 25 hand signed and numbered in pencil.

*Ai Weiwei, a chinese activist who needed our hearts and attention to promote his release
*The Royals, ‘A Bite Like Marmite’, who were celebrating their love through marriage
*June Beechey’s ‘Make Tea Not War’, an appeal for the presence of love

The pattern is innate, and reveals the artist’s meaningful work. It is always a message of love. Her recent ‘Amy,  piece follows on this path, with hearts laced across the bottom of the piece.

It is evident to see this artist does not only represent the here and now, or puts up works of sheer genius for others to see; she connects with these individuals. She’s an earth angel.

So all we have now to say – Happy Birthday Amy x

Written by Stephanie Aslan


WALTON FINE ARTS IS BAMBI street ARTIST original gallery.

Bambi I’m too hot for my burka


‘I’m Too Hot For My Burka’

Bambi I'm too hot for my Burka Lifesize


‘I’m Too Hot For My Burka’

Original stencil & spray-paint on paper.  Hand signed & numbered in pencil from the edition of 10.  SOLD OUT!

look on our online shop for one of the limited edition prints:


Please enquire further as subject to availability

Walton Fine Arts

152- 154 Walton Street


London SW3 2JJ UK

Tel: +44 (0)207 581 2332


Bambi I’m too hot for my burka

Bambi, the new street artist who is taking the London by storm.  Could she be the next Banksy?  There is a possibility, a girl producing very high quality street art which shows images relating to todays society.

Below you see ‘Too Hot For My Burka.’

Walton Fine Arts represents Bambi and can help you with purchase enquiries of her works.  You can also visit their website on:



‘I’m Too Hot For My Burka’

Hand cut stencil & spray paint on paper.  Hand signed and numbered from edition of 100 plus proofs.

Now included framed in a hand made custom made frame, to museum standards.

Size: 0.79 x 1.14m



Bambi – Ai wei wei street piece

Bambi Ai wei wei

The image depicts Ai Wei the infamous Chinese activist and artist.

The words “You can “Cage the Singer, but Not the Song” fly from an ancestral pot, and the red line could possibly be the Chinese Law, ie, “Stepping over the line.”.


You can cage the singer but not the song

Bambi Ai Wei Wei ‘You can cage the singer but not the song’

This Bambi street art piece was exceuted just days before Ai Wei Wei’s prison release.


Bambi – Hero to Zero

Bambi, the new street artist who is taking the UK by storm.

Could she be the next Banksy?  There is a possibility, a girl producing very high quality original street art which shows images relating to todays society.

Below you see ‘Hero to Zero‘ depicting the true story of an Afghan war Hero, who came back to the UK only to lose everything.

Walton Fine Arts specializes in Bambi’s works and can help you with purchase her works.  You can also visit their website on:



‘Hero to Zero’

Original, hand-cut stencil & spray paint on paper.  Hand signed & numbered from edition of 100 plus proofs.

Size: 0.79 x 1.14m



Buy one online now:


Bambi, the street artist’s latest works

Bambi has just released two original stencil & spray paint on paper works, both as very small editions of 25.

The first is Neighhh.  The elegantly scaled horse stenciled in full force motion with its beautiful bright fucia tail.  In addition to the new take on the famous Rodin’s ‘The Kiss’; bringing a new edge on the classic masters.



Original hand cut, stencil & spray paint on paper.  Edition of 25.

Size: 0.78 x 1.14m



The Kiss

Original hand cut, stencil & spray paint on paper.  Edition of 25.

Size: 0.78 x 1.14m

To purchase one of these original works, subject to availability, please email or call +44 207 581 2332.


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