One month before the elections, a London-based artist going by the name E$COBAR (a street art tag based on the controversial Narcos anti-hero Pablo Escobar’s surname but with a “$” stylized “s”) created this satirical artwork based on the GoodFellas movie by Martin Scorsese… with a twist!

The movie’s stars Robert De Niro, Ray Liotta and Joe Pesci, were replaced with no other than … Donald Trump (at the moment president elect), Russian president Vladimir Putin and the supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un as the modern time good fellows.

But wait, the best part is yet to come… how about that line just below the title reading “A Real Story” instead of “A Picture by Martin Scorsese”? Pure genius.

Does E$COBAR have a crystal ball? Probably. All we know is, with this one he totally nailed it.

GoodFellas is available as a limited edition print. The regular edition of 25 in sow sold out and only a handful of Artist Proofs are still available.