Van Donna’s “Everybody needs somebody to love” is an amazing work of art.

When she originally created it as a simple but striking painting about love on two canvases (diptych), little did she know it would end up becoming such a sensation and being added to incredible collections…

A year and a half after the original diptych in red was sold in auction at Christie’s a few things happened:

  • the regular edition print has sold out  (but don’t worry if you missed out we have some newly released artist’s proofs) ,
  • VIP collectors have been adding her works to their collections, most notably Prince Harry who reportedly bought it as a love gift for Meghan Markle
  • She enjoyed incredible success in sold out shows in Dubai, Riyadh and New York.
  • Her works are added to the permanent collections of the Fabergé Museum of Saint Petersburg and Freud Museum in London.