Van Donna



1. Van Donna = Van Gogh + Madonna. Both are the artist’s personal heroes and inspiration.

2. An active philantropist, the artist was selected to donate an original painting sold at the Terrence Higgins Trust annual charitable auction.

3. She saw her debut at auctions in Christies’s London succesfully selling an original paintings for several thousands of pounds.

4. A selection of her artworks was added to the permanent collection of the Faberge Museum in St. Petersburg.

5. Van Donna counts in celebrity fans like Ringo Starr who picked “All You Need Is Love” as his favourite artwork from the gallery. Top Warhol, Banksy Rothko collectors, global top 500 CEO’s, Royal Families and Heads Of State as well as many celebrities are adding Van Donna artworks to their collections.

E$COBAR & VAN DONNA IN DUBAI FOR ART WEEK 2017 from Walton Fine Arts on Vimeo.


“Being a woman is not always easy. Being a mother, a wife and having a busy full-on career can be a daunting task. For most of my life as a young woman, I had been constantly shuffling around trying make ends meet: be there for my family and being successful at work.

But it all came at a price, a very high one. One day I awakened to the realization that I had no time at all for myself: by constantly playing different roles, I had lost touch with the person I am.

There was no space left for me to explore my feelings, needs, ideas and to express myself within the constraints of a hectic life. So I started to reorganize my priorities and to cut more space for myself, trying to get in touch with that beautiful person I thought I’d lost.”

 “Art is where I found my own space.  When I paint I am in a different place, somewhere I call “the zone”. It is a very special one where time doesn’t exist and I am free to manifest my emotions and thoughts in harmony.

I chose Pointillism as my technique of choice. The mechanical repetitive gestures have a mantra-like quality that helps me balance my thoughts and be present to myself in the here and now. It is also a tribute to my main influences: Van Gogh and Paul Signac.

My paintings are an expression of the world within me and of the things I love. It is a world full of colours, hope and beauty.”