Ever wanted to see the royal art collection? Well, now you can go one better and wear part of it. A limited edition t-shirt bearing the artwork Everybody Needs Somebody To Love — which Prince Harry brought “for a special person” in October 2016, just weeks before he made his relationship with Meghan Markle public — is now available to buy for between $40 and $50. “Super excited!” rising British artist Van Donna (a pseudonym combining Van Gogh and Madonna) posted on Twitter about the clothing. “My ‘Everybody needs somebody to love’ is now a t-shirt!!!!” The artist added, “Hope #PrinceHarryAndMeghan will pick one (or two) to match their painting!” “I remember being over the moon when I saw it framed for the first time,” Van Donna added on Instagram. “I would have never imagined it would receive so much attention and love.. feeling grateful.” The cotton top — which comes in a range of different sizes for men, women and children — features a hand-pulled black and white screen print of a young boy and girl strolling hand-in-hand. Along with a separate canvass emblazoned with the words “Everybody Needs Somebody To Love,” this image forms half of the acrylic, stencil and spray artwork purchased by Prince Harry from the Walton Road Gallery in Kensington, London.

While neither the gallery — which includes AdeleRingo Starr and Brad Pitt among its clients — or the Prince have ever spoken about the purchase, Harry dropped a major hint about its purpose by asking if the twin canvasses could be separated and shared between two people.

“It’s a very romantic gesture,” a London art collector tells PEOPLE. “It’s a bit like a charm bracelet where you give half of it to someone your involved with and keep the other half yourself. We should all learn something from it, I think.”

This is the second time that a scaled-down version of the artwork has been created: In July, Van Donna released a limited edition range of ¼ size prints, priced at $262. Only 50 of the larger originals have ever been created, priced at just over $1,000.