Xavi García



The work of Xavi Garcia situates us in front of a cosmopolitan type of paintwork, characterized by graffiti, urban art, travelling, Media, social networks and the way they influence the human being.

In his series “Iconos” (Icons) the artist uses representative characters of our culture that he thinks have influenced who we are and have been fundamental in different parts of our society. Xavi reinvents them, he takes them out of our homes and galleries and situates them at the streets again, he presents makes them serve the society so that, decades later, the “Classic Icon” and nowadays’ society can reach an agreement.

All this topic develops next to a fluent painting and abundant matter in which the artist combines different layers of painting with several technic procedures that contribute to the dynamism and the vital force of the artist to his paintwork. We place ourselves right in front of an empowering and current vision of our society and the relationship of the citizen with its environment.

Xavi has exhibited his work in some of the most important cities in the World, during the last few years he has exposed his art in New York, Rome, Berlin, Brussels, Edinburgh, and Hurghada. At the moments he is working in future projects and expositions in Rome, Argentina, and New York.

Citizens is the natural consequence of the series “Callejeando” (walking through the streets) in which the artist has been working during the past few years. We must clarify that none of them have a clear starting a finishing date, as they coexist, complement each other and evolve together.

If “Callejeando” is a glance towards the outside, based on how everything that surrounds us influences us and conditions who we are (urban art, advertising, vogue, music, TV, etc.), the series “Citizens” is a look towards the inside, much more reflexive and intimate about what goes on around us. In this artwork, the artist introduces, inside the “citizens”, all those experiences and impulses that situates us right in front of the loneliness of the individual, which he represents with the absence of colour surrounding the main character in each piece.

Both collections have been exhibited in Berlin, Brussels, Cairo, Madrid, Rome and New York.